Just Cause 2 has always been supported on the PC with mods, expanding on the core game experience, and adding new features. Avalanche Studios, developers for the franchise, are obviously aware of the community, and have shown they encourage this on the PC. The most famous mod of the franchise, the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod was later bundled with the core game when purchased on Steam, with easy setup, giving a basic, however fun experience with friends. In an interview with GameSpot, Roland Lesterlin has explained that they are considering bringing mods, or select creations to consoles.

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Microsoft have revealed that the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale will be making a return once again for summer 2015, offering discounts on a large selection of titles. The sales will begin next week, July 7th, and continue until July 13th, giving just under one week of discounts. The sales will cover over 70 games on the Xbox Marketplace, both on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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In a recent interview with EDGE Magazine, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, acknowledged the reduced support and offering in European countries. Currently we see Playstation controlling a large portion of the console market in Europe, which is something Phil Spencer hopes to change in the future. After admitting their flaws, he continued to further explain the upcoming features and focus on European support, especially at this year’s Gamescom next month.

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A few weeks ago at E3, we learned a whole bunch of new details for Forza Motorsport 6 including details about the games ‘Stories of Motorsport’ career mode, 117 of the more than 450 cars, as well as 21 of the 26 world famous locations and seeing actual gameplay. Today, Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios have revealed that the full set of cars from the 2014/2015 FIA Formula E season will be included in Forza Motorsport 6.

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Microsoft showed off a number of indie games at their E3 press conference in June, but with a limited amount of time and many titles to show, more than a few had to be left out. Today, the company provided a complete list of indie games coming to Xbox One soon. Moreover, the Xbox channel posted trailers for many of these titles. I think my favorite have to be Ashen, Beyond Eyes, and Cuphead. There are so many incredible experiences coming out on Xbox One. I wish I would play all of these games right now.

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After a quiet launch in Japan, Microsoft have announced that the Surface 3 with 4G LTE support will begin to distribute to more markets, first arriving in Europe this Friday. The Surface 3 LTE tablet will support an internet connection over 4G LTE however will be exclusive to certain networks for the initial launch period.

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Fallout 4 is now available for pre-order on Xbox One. The game comes with Fallout 3 for Xbox 360 which will be made backwards compatible when the ability launches for all Xbox One owners, not just Preview members, in the coming months. The title costs $59.99 and loads a 104.26 MB placeholder as the game hasn't gone gold yet. Fallout 4 is Bethesda's most ambitious game ever, and the next generation of open-world gaming.

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A new skin pack commemorating Minecon 2015 has been released on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Sony consoles. The pack is available for free from today, for 15 days, and will be removed at the end of the time period. The pack has released to celebrate Minecon 2015 taking place at the ExCel London next week, a Minecraft based convention hosted by Mojang.

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Bandai Namco just revealed that the Dark Souls franchise has sold over 8 million copies worldwide. According to the publisher, 60% of those sales are on consoles and 40% are on PC. Considering that Dark Souls III was unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, one can expect the franchise to enter the double digits when the game releases on Xbox One and PC early next year.

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Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of publisher 2K Games, recently registered domains for Mafia 3. Gamespot were able to verify that the domain registrations attached to Mafia 3 included servers located at rockstargames.com and take2games.com. However, this may also be a case where a publisher is just securing intellectual properties for the future.

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Plants vs. Zombies are now available for free to Xbox Live Gold members. Plants vs. Zombies is available to Xbox 360 owners and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is the new free title for Xbox One owners. Considering that the Xbox One is now backwards compatible, be sure to get Plants vs. Zombies from the Xbox 360 Marketplace through your browser. EA is expected to make a huge announcement tomorrow along with Phil Spencer so they might make all of their old games backwards compatible.

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More than 21 million viewers tuned in to Twitch earlier this month to check out E3. These are nearly double the number of last year's viewers. Twitch revealed these staggering statistics yesterday along with other insights. Twitch's coverage included live press conferences from Microsoft, Sony and other big companies that preceded the official start of the conference. With that out of the way, now we get to the most interesting part. So who do you think had the most popular press conference?

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The famous board game, Scrabble, is now available on Xbox One. The title costs $14.99 and is only 217.16 MB. Enjoy the classic word-spelling game with your friends either locally or online, and add computer opponents of varying difficulties to make things interesting. When you're up to it, compete against players of your skill level around the world in a variety of exciting multiplayer modes. Rank up, win, and challenge others as well as yourself. It’s Scrabble like you’ve never seen before.
It has been announced via Mojang that Minecraft has sold 20 million copies since launch on the PC (Windows and Mac). On the Minecraft official website, a tracker was previously embedded into the front page, counting the total sales of the PC version, and today reached this new milestone. This number only represents sales on the PC, and does not include sales on any console or mobile device.

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Since the release of Neverwinter on Xbox One we have seen a large interest in the free-to-play title, with millions of players now being drawn in by the experience. Today, Perfect World Entertainment has released a new expansion, Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat, on Xbox One. Rise of Tiamat can be downloaded right now, alongside the content update for no additional cost. This is the first of five expansions planned to release for free on the console.

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With the dust settled and the furore mostly over, we can finally start coming to terms with Tomb Raider as an Xbox exclusive on its own terms, what it has to offer and what we can expect. Recently, I’ve heard arguments that the purchase was a bad move by Microsoft; that the 2013 reboot sold poorly and therefore the sequel will too. I’ve also never stopped hearing grumblings that the rebooted series abandoned its core design fundamentals, from its er… Core Design days. The former isn’t really true, as it’s sold almost ten million copies now, but it did start a little slowly for Square Enix’s unrealistic expectations. Anyway, I considered writing an educated, thoughtful piece to address these concerns. But I’m not going to.

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A lot of unfounded rumors circulate around when it comes to Microsoft and its businesses. Apart from the frivolous notion that the company wants to sell its Surface and Xbox divisions, despite countless statements by Satya Nadella to the contrary, there are also rumors that the Bing search engine hemorrhages money. Today, the vice president for Microsoft’s ad business, Rik van der Kooi, stated that the search site pays for itself right now. Bing is now a multibillion-dollar self-sustaining business.

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