Spy Chameleon is now available on Xbox One. The game costs only $4.99 and is 488.86 MB to download. Don't let the comic look fool you. Being a good agent requires a lot of talent. Spy Chameleon is an arcade-puzzle game where the player must avoid being seen thanks to the chameleon's ability to change colors and camouflage. The title runs at 60 FPS in 1080p so it's a super smooth experience.

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From The Hip Men are on a roll when it comes to covering new indie titles on Xbox One. They always manage to bring us previews of the most exciting games. Today, Greg and Lee play retro platformer Mega Coin Squad. Brought to you by Big Pixel Studios and Adult Swim Games, Mega Coin Squad features fast-paced and explosive on-the-couch combat. The ultimate party game for platformer lovers to show off their skills. Greg and Lee also do a great job showing off the game's mechanics.

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Telltale Games have revealed that the fourth episode of their video game adaptation of the popular "Game of Thrones" television series will be released May 26th for Windows PC, and May 27th for Xbox One. The episode will be titled "Sons of Winter," and release next week for Xbox One and Windows PC.

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Electronic Arts and Ghost Games today announced the return of Need for Speed in what is known as a full reboot of this storied franchise. The studio announced the game using a short 34-second teaser confirming that a full trailer will be shown during Electronic Art’s E3 2015 Press Briefing on June 15th. The game will launch worldwide this fall on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Today, Larry Hryb announced on his blog that the Xbox One TV Tuner is available now for the US/Canadian markets. The tuner has been manufactured by Hauppauge, and utilizes the OneGuide and TV options that come with the Xbox One. This will allow free over-the-air channels to be accessed on consoles.

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Microsoft have just released their newest build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. Included in Build 10122 is Start and Continuum changes, Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan) updates including the New Tab Page, changes to how Windows 10 handles default apps and a re-designed Insider Hub.

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Mega Coin Squad is now available on Xbox One. The title costs $11.99 for Xbox Live Gold members and $14.99 for everyone else. Brought to you by Big Pixel Studios and Adult Swim Games, Mega Coin Squad features fast-paced and explosive on-the-couch combat. The retro graphics do the gameplay justice. Take on your friends in 1-4 player matches spanning multiple worlds and game modes.

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The new sales are up for the Deals with Gold program and include a range of interesting titles to enjoy. There are many titles with price reductions on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and with some being quite new releases, you can be sure to save some cash this week.

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Farming Simulator 15 is out now for Xbox One. The title is 2.83 GB and costs $49.99 in the United States. I have been told that the Farming Simulator series are quite popular in Europe. Now, I don't know if my friends said that in jest or if it's actually a fact. The title looks rather interesting and for people who enjoy these types of experiences, they should definitely check it out.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now around the world. The standard digital game costs $59.99 in the United States and the bundle with the expansion pass costs $84.99 only. The title is 25.42 GB to download but expands to around 30 GB after installation. Two add-ons are also available which give players an armor set and the ability to customize their beards. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game set in a visually stunning fantasy universe full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences.

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Divinity: Original Sin is coming to Xbox One in the form of an Enhanced Edition. According to Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition isn’t just “some patch or minor content update.” The newest version will ship with local co-op, fully voiced characters, new content, changes to the crafting system, and a “reworked” story. The game will be free to everyone who owns a copy of the original title.

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Devil May Cry: Special Edition is now available for pre-order on Xbox One. The title only costs $24.99 and comes in at a hefty 20.24 GB. The title is really popular with fans and anyone who loves games like Bayonetta and is interested in the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound should check it out. You'll have a blast. I have a lot of fond memories of the game when I played it all those years ago. The game runs at 1080p and 60 FPS so it's quite a smooth experience.

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Bethesda are hosting their own E3 conference for the first time in their history this year, and are taking the opportunity to tease us at every turn. Come June 14th they'll hardly be a gamer in the world who isn't watching or at least wishing they were watching the reveals of what could be some of the biggest games of the next few years. The publisher has kept their hand close to their chest for some of the biggest potential reveals, and has mercilessly teased us with snippets of others, not to mention the recent Fallout 4 trailer leaks.

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Casey Hudson, former Bioware project lead on games such as Mass Effect, has joined Microsoft Studios as a creative director. Microsoft state that his new role will involve exciting new technologies including their new Hololens augmented-reality headset. Hudson will be reporting to Kudo Tsunoda, CVP of Next Gen Experiences at Microsoft Studios, with the goal of working on more Xbox related projects, and has stated his honour and excitement at working with technology that will "fundamentally advance" the industry.

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Yesterday on the Snapchat Support Twitter account, the company announced that they have a Windows Phone app coming in the future. Due to the statement coming from a support account, we cannot take this as an official reveal, however, over the coming months this is extremely likely. With Microsoft hoping to achieve 1 billion Windows 10 users by 2018, there is a large market of potential users. It is strange to see a developer change their mind this quickly, when they have ignored the Windows Phone community for so long. This is highly likely due to the Android and iOS porting tools which were recently revealed for Windows 10.

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Users in Austria have been reporting on Xbox One consoles being sold under the Eurovision name. This is part of the collaboration between the Eurovision Song Contest and Microsoft, announced last month. Microsoft as the official technology partner for the competition, are pushing this partnership to help advertise products. With the popularity of the show, the grand final should be a great opportunity to promote the Microsoft brand.

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Update: The pack is now available to download for $3.99 as the period for the season pass has expired.

Turn 10 Studios regularly live-stream on their Forza Motorsport Twitch Channel and during their most recent stream, eagled-eyed viewers were able to notice a promotion for the ‘Forza Horizon 2: Pre-Order Car Pack’ in the games pause menu. This could suggest that this will be the June 2015 car pack. Turn 10 are usually on newer builds of the game before the general public get their hands on the updates meaning new content in upcoming updates can often be spotted this way.

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