July’s Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2 has been announced and titled as the ‘IGN Car Pack’ and will be available later today. Like the other monthly packs, this includes five new cars with a sixth added for free. It’ll be available for $5 on the Xbox Store.

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Update: Microsoft stated that the Groove Music post was an error. The music service is just called Groove.

In a recent post to the Windows Blog, Brandon LeBlanc further detailed how entertainment will be distributed and presented with Windows 10. Although nothing revolutionary has been shown, minor rebranding and user interface tweaks are being implemented, now being optimised for Windows 10 and the rapidly evolving Microsoft ecosystem. The music application for Windows has undergone some significant changes, having a minor redesign and rename. The Xbox Music app is now to be rebranded Groove Music, moving the platform from the Xbox branding, and instead optimising the experience across all platforms.

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Developer of the Burnout franchise, Criterion Games, has announced today that it plans to bring Burnout Paradise to Xbox One. The game will use the new backwards compatibility technology recently revealed at E3 2015. The announcement came via Twitter through the official Criterion Games account, stating that they are currently in discussions with Microsoft, and hoping to bring backwards compatibility ‘soon’.

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For anyone who wishes to play certain Rare Replay games with a Nintendo 64 controller, you’re in luck! Significant progress has been made in allowing a Nintendo 64 controller to work with an Xbox One. Jesse Aragon and Chris Gallizzi from accessory maker Hyperkin are creating a cable capable of connecting a Nintendo 64 controller to an Xbox One. If the prototype is a success then the two will build a consumer version of the controller that works with the Xbox One. They recently released a video demonstrating the concept.

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Many gamers are participating in a closed alpha test of the new Hitman game according to reports. Numerous screenshots and videos have leaked that reveal a massive and alive world teeming with normal people, enemies and objectives. The game will continue to grow, deepen and evolve over time. Think of the next Hitman as Minecraft. The first public build of the game will release on December 8 this year and will get updated regularly with more content. The purpose of the game is for players to perform hits on powerful, high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world. It is expected to be a more social experience than previous Hitman games.

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According to many supposed insiders, Microsoft has always viewed the Xbox brand as a burden and wished to sell it since the inception of the original console. A rumor that Amazon was in talks to buy Xbox was also thrown around by these people. While these insiders keep on losing credibility due to their frivolous claims, a new piece of information has surfaced that solidifies Xbox's position and importance at Microsoft.

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From The Hip Men are on a roll when it comes to covering new independent titles for the Xbox One. They have provided us with hours of entertainment through previews of the most exciting games. Today, Greg and Lee play Shiftlings. In Shiftlings, you control two adorably dim-witted alien space janitors on their quirky quest to repair the galaxy. The title features single-player and co-op missions. You can either play on your own or challenge a friend locally or online. The main mechanic involves shifting weight between the two janitors quickly to avoid traps.

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Today at Minecon, Telltale Games revealed the first details for Minecraft: Story Mode since the game was announced in December. Minecraft: Story Mode will follow the standard Telltale format of one narrative-driven story across five episodes. Players will control Jesse on a quest to save the world.

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Third party accessory producer, Mad Catz has told its investors that they are looking for Rock Band 4 to reduce their debts, and stabilize the company. Rock Band 4 is planned to arrive this fall, and will be distributed by Mad Catz, alongside the help of publisher, Harmonix. The company hopes that game’s sales, and the sales of accessories as a resultant, will help secure the company’s financial situation.

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Mojang have announced a new version of Minecraft today, built for Windows 10. The game will launch July 29th in beta, alongside Windows 10, optimised for the new operating system. The game is not designed to replace the current PC version, and will launch with fewer features, however will be rapidly updated post-launch.

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I've thought about it for a while now, and I've came to the decision that Slightly Mad Studios aren't just slightly mad, they are, well, completely mad.

Slightly Mad Studios, the developers behind Project CARS, recently announced Project CARS 2 - not even a full 2 months after the first game's launch. Here's why Project CARS 2 should not exist, at least yet.

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Microsoft have announced the twenty new consoles that will be showcased at San Diego Comic Con next weekend, all which can be won at the event. At the convention, a range of new titles will be playable at the Xbox booth, alongside new hardware and these exclusive collectible consoles.

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Since the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta, it appears The Coalition have collected data necessary to tweak and optimise the game, and improve the multiplayer experience. Producer at the studio, Jack Felling, made a post on Xbox Wire today detailing changes that have been made in response to the beta, which will be implemented at launch. It was noted that the list does not detail all fixes, however summaries key points.

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Good news everyone, another remaster is coming! This time around, Prototype 2 is the being transferred to the new generation of consoles. The Prototype franchise combines science and a sprinkle of thriller as the main character changes and develops his body depending on the situation. Ultimately, the main character is an antihero looking to change the world around him.

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Just Cause 2 has always been supported on the PC with mods, expanding on the core game experience, and adding new features. Avalanche Studios, developers for the franchise, are obviously aware of the community, and have shown they encourage this on the PC. The most famous mod of the franchise, the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod was later bundled with the core game when purchased on Steam, with easy setup, giving a basic, however fun experience with friends. In an interview with GameSpot, Roland Lesterlin has explained that they are considering bringing mods, or select creations to consoles.

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With the dust settled and the furore mostly over, we can finally start coming to terms with Tomb Raider as an Xbox exclusive on its own terms, what it has to offer and what we can expect. Recently, I’ve heard arguments that the purchase was a bad move by Microsoft; that the 2013 reboot sold poorly and therefore the sequel will too. I’ve also never stopped hearing grumblings that the rebooted series abandoned its core design fundamentals, from its er… Core Design days. The former isn’t really true, as it’s sold almost ten million copies now, but it did start a little slowly for Square Enix’s unrealistic expectations. Anyway, I considered writing an educated, thoughtful piece to address these concerns. But I’m not going to.

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A new skin pack commemorating Minecon 2015 has been released on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Sony consoles. The pack is available for free from today, for 15 days, and will be removed at the end of the time period. The pack has released to celebrate Minecon 2015 taking place at the ExCel London next week, a Minecraft based convention hosted by Mojang.

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