Apr 20, 2017
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Developer: Gloomywood
Review platform: Xbox One
Release date: Apr 20, 2017
I don’t even know where to even start with 2Dark, the latest stealth adventure game from Frédérick Raynal, creator of Alone in the Dark. I expected so much better. The game is plagued with control problems and level design issues not to mention the fact it relies upon gruesome plot points for shock value instead of actually building a suspenseful atmosphere. Alone in the Dark is a legendary adventure and I had high hopes for 2Dark. Unfortunately, it all fell flat due to its lackluster gameplay.

Yes, we can all agree child murder is horrible, but this game shouts that point over and over instead of building something truly macabre. There isn’t anything deeper to the issue here. You expect different layers of the topic explored—the game is from the creator of Alone in the Dark—but at the end of the day its very superficial.

Besides that, the interface is frustratingly inconsistent, and the level design is so poor that I felt more aggravated than intrigued or disturbed. In a game with horror elements you’re supposed to be terrified of the creature around the corner. You shouldn’t have to worry about rats or falling down invisible crevices. All of this takes you out of the experience and detracts from the immersion.

Similarly, the game struggles with tone as well with morbid, poorly-worded jokes spread throughout its campaign. Clearly an attempt at dry, black humor, the dialogue comes across malapropos instead of darkly witty. The wring could’ve been much better rather than have that low-quality B movie feel.

I can’t even begin to address accessibility given the wealth of problems the game has. To be honest, I’m not sure this is a game any gamer wants made accessible to them! Between the rough interface, shoddy level design, and off-putting dialogue, my advice is to just pass on 2Dark.


In order to improve the experience, 2Dark needs a complete rewrite and significant work on its mechanics. There are way too many distractions in the game for it to stand out. Currently it’s poorly designed, narratively shallow, and relies upon cheap shocks instead of crafting a truly compelling game. It’s a shame that a game with so much potential is let down by gimmicks.
Our score: 5/10

Disappointing - May have some fleeting enjoyment, but mostly fails to deliver.
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