Every little piece of information we learn about video games can't be classified as a story in itself. While we'd love to talk more about everything, the fact is that resources don't permit us to discuss titles beyond ones we feel will resonate with our readers. Keeping that in mind, the stories still deserve attention so we've invented the daily briefing to get you up to speed.
Elliot can't die—but he's still running out of time. In Elliot Quest, the victim of a rare curse must find a cure before he's transformed into a demon.
A lot of Xbox One games came out today and they include some popular releases like Little Nightmares and smaller titles like like ACA Neo Alpha Mission 2.
Microsoft have just released their Q3 2017 fiscal report which, to no surprise, is up from the same quarter in 2016. With a total of $22.1 billion in revenue, Microsoft made a substantial $4.8 billion in net profit.
Today, Ubisoft announced that For Honor: Season 2, called Shadow and Might, will launch simultaneously across all platforms on May 16. Shadow and Might will bring new content to For Honor including two additional heroes, two extra maps, new customisation items and gameplay updates.
Wired Productions, an independent games publisher, in partnership with developer Haemimont Games, is delighted to confirm May 30 as the release date for Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, the definitive, content-loaded console debut of the demon-hunting action game.
With the full reveal of Xbox Scorpio a couple short months away, Phil Spencer spoke about third-party games running on the console in recent interviews.
Six more games are joining Xbox One's backward compatibility catalogue starting today and they include Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.
A bunch of Xbox One trailers came out this week so we've rounded up some of the most interesting and compiled them for for an easy viewing experience. This week gave us Brainiac gameplay in Injustice 2, a Prey trailer to celebrate Earth Day, and more.
Building a metro in Cities: Skylines can become hard without someone you can learn from, becoming financially stable is even more of a task. Watch our videos to learn how to do it.
Forza fans, your Hot Wheels fantasies are about to come true! The second Forza Horizon 3 expansion–Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels–arrives on May 9 exclusively on both Xbox One and Windows 10.
Single-player Japanese role-playing experiences are not a market in which Xbox seems to perform well in. With both Nintendo and Sony being based in Japan, it's often easier for these smaller companies to stick to their native consoles. Shiness however is a little different.
Studio Wildcard, the development team that never sleeps, today launched a new update on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for its epic dinosaur-survival adventure Ark: Survival Evolved.
Update: Call of Duty: WWII won't feature regenerating health.

Check out the official trailer for Sledgehammer Games' upcoming Call of Duty: WWII game, which was officially revealed via a Twitch stream at 10 AM PST.
Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where you have to hit an anti-gravity ball into the face of your opponent to win. The ball speeds up with every strike, up to explosively extreme velocities. Play locally or battle it out online.
Thimbleweed Park is nostalgia at its best. Not only does the game incorporate gameplay mechanics modern titles don't utilize, it also tells a hilarious and intriguing story which will keep players discussing it long after the short experience ends.
Capcom has announced a release date for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite along with a wealth of new information about the game including additional characters, a Collector's Edition, and more.