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About Us
Our journey started on Twitter in the summer of 2013, not long after the Xbox One reveal. Following a conversation between Xbox fans with similar ideas, we decided that the mainstream media lacked the knowledge or inclination to properly represent Microsoft's vision for a unified Xbox and Windows platform.

XboxMAD was founded on May 1st 2014. We want to shape our content entirely around you: the Xbox fan.


We changed our name to on February 20th 2015 to reflect the fact we are independent of Microsoft. Both our writers and readers make up International Community of Xbox and Microsoft. We are the superfans of the resurgent Microsoft ecosystem.


Special Thanks
David V. Kimball - For injecting some metro into our logo, and being ok in general.

TiC Podcast - Partners in drama. - For being on side since day 1, thanks guys.

TheWinPhan - Awesome Lumia fan and community figure.
Asher Twitter
Managing Editor

Likes: Gaming, devices, cooking, history, fossils, coins.

Dislikes: Rain, winter, zucchini chips, jaffa cakes, flying.
Dean Twitter
Writer & Media Guru

Likes: Video games, beards, Star Trek, dominant women.

Dislikes: Video games, contradictions, game industry marketing spin & strategies designed to rip you off.

Likes: Video gaming, Xbox, wine, driving, cars, diesel.

Dislikes: Sun-dried tomatoes, tennis, hats.
Noel Twitter

Likes: Destiny, ranting on Twitter, our true lord and savior Todd Howard.

Dislikes: Leeks, leaks, and situations I can't wear a tinfoil hat.
Dreyer Twitter

Likes: Creme Crackers and Viennas, Microsoft, Xbox.

Dislikes: Photoshopped pictures of me, any green vegetable.