Apr 20, 2017
Even though I'm sure nothing will compare to the bombshell announcement last week when Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was made backward compatible, we still received another batch of games coming to the program today. Larry Hryb has announced on Twitter that Contra, 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures, and more are now backward compatible.

Developed by Konami, Contra released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2006, a rerelease of the the 1987 classic. Players can jump back in to defeat the Red Falcon Organization in both single-player and cooperative modes. 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures and Golf: Tee it Up! give people the opportunity to play some casual and fun golf games with friends. Gin Rummy is the video game version of the beloved card game of the same name. Lastly, RoboBlitz is a puzzle action game where players take on the role of Blitz, a robot with various special weapons who uses them to fight his enemies.

For a full list of backward compatible titles, click here.
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