May 18, 2017
During Bungie’s Destiny 2 event in Los Angeles, the developer finally premiered extended gameplay. If the reveal trailer from over a month ago is any indication, this game will be more character and story-driven than the first. Game director Luke Smith took to the stage to talk about Destiny 2, stating the importance of the game's world and how more players will have the opportunity to enjoy new events, strikes, and a new raid.

Bungie gave us a good look at one of the biggest upcoming releases this year. The Homecoming missions sees players defend the tower, repelling the Cabal threat. Pushing your way through a chaotic battlefield, players make it to the command ship before coming face to face with a threatening new foe.

Rectifying a common piece of criticism from the first game, Destiny 2 will feature a more robust, detailed story campaign. As the Last City burns, Destiny 2 begins with players losing their skills and vaults. Ghaul, the Cabal leader, aims to take the Traveler's power. The Guardians must then reclaim their home and defeat this new enemy. In the competitive multiplayer realm, The Crucible will now be limited to 4v4.

Four new worlds will be explorable. Nessus, IO, Titan, and Earth's European Dead Zone have their own unique landscapes and designs, from entire oceans to mechanical cities. Now players can even launch activities and travel from one planet to another without going into orbit first. While exploring, players can discover Lost Sectors harboring a treasure chest and a boss who holds the key. NPCs known as adventurers will also be scattered around giving out side-quests to complete.

The importance of communities and social circles cannot be understated, so clans are making their way into Destiny 2. Clans will feature a reward system shared between everyone in the clan. Even if you do not join a clan, you benefit from their presence. Thanks to Guided Games, solo players can choose a clan to be paired with for strikes and raids.

Destiny 2 is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC starting on September 8, 2017. A beta will be taking place later this summer. Destiny 2 will be available on PC exclusively through Blizzard's service.
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