May 23, 2017
Update: Destiny 2 may have been 60 FPS had it been on dedicated servers.

Being an MMO-lite at heart, it would seem weird for Destiny 2 to not utilize dedicated servers for its multiplayer. Alas, dedicated servers will be absent (yet again) from all versions of Destiny 2 and will instead use peer-to-peer connections like its predecessor did.

With its use of peer-to-peer servers, Destiny 2 will suffer from more input latency than if the shooter came out with proper, dedicated servers. Combined with the 30 FPS limit on the console versions of the game, Destiny 2 will be a lot less fluid than other shooters such as Titanfall 2 or Halo 5 which is a shame since Destiny does feature some very nice shooting mechanics.

PC players will see the biggest loss from the lack of dedicated servers due to the increased accuracy given through the use of a high-quality mouse. Depending on the quality of the host’s internet connection, some will be affected less than others but for those who are stuck with slow connections and high ping, your games could potentially get very rough.
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