Jul 24, 2017
When it comes to the world of console gaming, there are really only two serious contenders left when it comes to the battle of the top consoles: Sony versus Microsoft. Sure, Atari are trying to bring back their former glory days courtesy of their decision to release a new console that features their classic games as well as new titles, but most players have already had their fix of these games and aren't going to be desperate to spend a fortune on another console. Which out of the big boys of Sony and Microsoft really rules the roost, though, and why?

Picky Consumers Like Choice

It’s pretty obvious that gamers like choice, and having plenty of information at fingertips is essential in this regard. Reading reviews or endorsements definitely help with knowing which option is best to pick when it comes to choosing a new game.

This applies not only to the world of console gaming in the internet era, but also to iGaming, where review sites dominate in an industry where users demand quick information that is both up to date and accurate. Drill down on one type of game as an example, and you can see from a quick glance the plethora of slot games reviews online, which show individuals the best bonuses on offer at any one time and the best games to pick for any upcoming down time. At the time of writing, for instance, JackpotCity offer a huge welcome bonus of $1,600, making their games an appealing option above other similar operators.

Video gaming has the same sort of review and user opinion model at its disposal, which is handy as we can use it to drill down on the pros and cons of the Xbox versus the PlayStation. Do just that and you can see quite quickly that the opinion that the range of games available on the Xbox is not quite enough to encourage players to choose a Microsoft console over a Sony one, which does seem to be the dominant one when it comes to comparisons.

Failure Brings Success?

Looking more closely at that article on the range of games and other pros and cons between the brands, one of the most intriguing points focuses on the Sony PlayStation bringing fans back to the PS4 after the failure of the PS3. Whilst, of course, fans of a particular console brand are likely to come back and try out a new renewal of a console, this decision by gamers to return to Sony didn't come down to its perceived superior range of games.

After all, there are no more 'exciting' or newer titles on the PS4 compared to the PS3 and really it was a case of the PS3 failing to live up to the hype it had generated and utterly failing to meet consumer expectations. Of course, when they then heard good things about the PS4 after having skipped the previous console version, they then took the obvious step of deciding to buy the better console.

If, then, Microsoft is to be derided in comparison for a lack of exclusive games, then, for fairness, the argument also has to take into account the recent news that Microsoft are allowing Xbox users to enjoy independent games via the Xbox Creators Program.

Providing Choice, The Xbox Way

There can be a few slights made by Sony cheerleaders about the range of games, but the reply from Microsoft is an excellent one. They have managed to take the initiative by allowing the release of indie games on the Xbox marketplace, especially in light of the importance of exclusive big game releases diminishing.

Sure, this innovation won’t produce the next title that has hearts racing, but what it will do is allow gamers to enjoy that necessary element of choice that we discussed earlier, an element that has seen the iGaming industry evolve to the extent it has over the last decade or so. 

With Microsoft fans unlikely to be bothered by the 'choice' accusations, the company has certainly produced the perfect response to critics of their range of exclusive games in the best possible way.
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