Jan 10, 2017
Update: According to Square Enix, Final Fantasy 15 broke even just 24 hours after launch due to incredible sales.

Square Enix announced that the shipment and digital sales for Final Fantasy 15 have exceeded six million units. Having received critical acclaim across the world for its beautiful world design and graphical quality, along with the open-world freedom and exciting new battle system, the game continues its strong sales after recording five million units on day one.

Final Fantasy 15 provides additional content and associated products to expand and enhance players' experiences, starting with the free game update, Holiday Pack (Free Version) and premium Holiday Pack + DLC which are now available for download. Those who download the Holiday Pack (Free Version) or Holiday Pack + will also gain access to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, a special in-game event that brings an exciting festival to the whole city of Altissia, starting on Tuesday, January 24 for a limited time.

To allow players a deeper enjoyment of Final Fantasy 15, regular updates enhancing the main game will be coming soon, such as premium DLC content that will provide players additional gameplay experiences.
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