Feb 15, 2017
The resolution debate is about to start again from the looks of it. As we all know, Project Scorpio promises native 4K visuals and the PlayStation 4 Pro renders most of its games through checkboarding which is pseudo-4K. Sony, along with their usual outlets, make the claim that you can't tell the difference between native 4K and checkboarding. Well, developers disagree and another one has spoken out. Reinhard Pollice from THQ Nordic made it abundantly clear that native 4K is superior. He said:

"The difference is that the 4K rendered output will look very crisp and smooth while the checkerboard technique will not look as sharp when directly compared. This depends also on the quality and size of the screen or television, however. From a development perspective the checkerboard technique is a bit harder to implement as it is a custom implementation, while a native 4K resolution is just a higher frame output resolution."

There you have it folks, another developer who says that there's a difference between native 4K and checkboarding. I'm shocked as to why there is a fierce debate about this. Everyone knows native 4K offers a clearer picture. Just look at a native 4K screenshot or video on your television (if it's 4K) and 1800p upscaled content. The difference is as clear as night and day.

Source: GamingBolt
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