So, it has officially been launched and we finally got our first proper look at it a few weeks ago when Microsoft took the wrapping off the new Xbox One at E3 2017 in Los Angeles. Project Scorpio, as it was codenamed, has been eagerly awaited by us at ICXM—and all our readers—for 12 months from when it was first teased at E3 2016 and we finally got to see a glimpse of it.
With the latest revelation that the developers behind Star Citizen have bet the farm on more funding with a financial institution, it might seem that the Star Citizen dream is finally dead.
During an interview with Eurogamer, notorious Sony executive and certified crackpot Jim Ryan was grilled not only for their lacklustre E3 showing, but also for their inability to allow cross-play.
PlayStation global sales and marketing manager Jim Ryan believes it's unlikely that developers will exhaust the additional assets and time that it takes to develop a more graphically notable difference on the Xbox One X if they have already reached a limit that the PlayStation 4 Pro cannot surpass.
Why the Xbox One X proved that power mattered more to gamers in general than how many great games either Microsoft and Sony showed at E3 2017.
Microsoft is on the front foot, with Nintendo firmly burrowed in on the lower end of the spectrum. Sony is potentially in a very bad position, let’s sit back and see how they dig themselves out of this one. It will be very entertaining.
Sony's Global Sales Chief doesn't think that backward compatability is used much on new consoles. Is that true? It's not. Just look at the sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 recently.
Following on from the success of EA Access, Microsoft have released a brand-new subscription service in the name of Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft's service is, in a way, improved from that of EA's by offering a constantly rotating library of over 100 games every month that subscribers can play on their Xbox One.
Few games are as hotly anticipated as Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2. The sequel (or prequel) to 2010's Red Dead Redemption was announced last October, and the internet hasn't shut up about it ever since.
With the current hysterical outcry from both sides of the console spectrum, did Microsoft do the right thing leaving it up to developers to decide what to do in games regarding frame rate and resolution?
Microsoft made most of its console fans very happy with the announcement of Project Scorpio. While the console is not available yet, its specifications already show us that it will be a force to be reckoned with—its specifications exceed those of most average gaming machines.
When Microsoft announced the Xbox Game pass, the Internet erupted in the usual predictable outrage they usually do when Microsoft dares to innovate.
Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop, a product designed and specifically targeted at university students. The device, which is meticulously designed, draws a lot of comparisons to the rather tepid Apple MacBook, itself a small form-factor device coming in at around the same price.
Recently Phil Spencer outed some widely misconstrued opinions surrounding single-player narrative-driven games. We discuss how Microsoft will save the future of single-player narrative-driven games, and give gamers truly innovative experiences.
A recent interview with Micheal Pachter made me think about what he's been saying for the most part over the last few years. All of it is completely wrong.