Feb 16, 2017
Yesterday, Microsoft announced that their E3 show will be held on Sunday, instead of the usual Monday showcase, right before Sony takes the stage a mere seven hours later. At first glance, this wouldn't seem out of the ordinary until you look a bit deeper. Usually, Microsoft would have their show, where they would show games and hardware that would launch within the next year, then Sony would take the stage and shows a bunch of games that may or may not release in the next century. However, the media, in this case, would barely have enough time to cover the Microsoft release before they started speculating over what Sony would reveal.

Microsoft moving to a time slot that gives them a whole news cycle is vital when they're about to launch a new console. Last year they stunned the world, and Sony, by preemptively announcing Project Scorpio, just as Sony was launching their PlayStation 4 Pro. The news was perfectly situated close to the Sony keynote that it would basically damage any announcement they would make at E3 regarding the underperforming console. Sony instead opted to have Mark Cerny lull reporters to sleep at a separate event a few months later.

We all know that the media in general loves to create rather inflammatory narratives surrounding Xbox, and this gives Microsoft the best coverage because we all know that the mainstream gaming media will fall over themselves to think up ways to bash the console. But this isn't the only reason. For the most part the alternative media on YouTube needs some time to flood the platform with news, and having the keynote a whole day before Sony gives YouTubers and smaller outlets enough time to cover the event, and saturate all available avenues with news and videos regarding the Scorpio (good or bad), instead of some outlets opting to instead contaminate the news with their excitement for what Sony is about to show.

This will cause the Project Scorpio event to hang over the PlayStation event like a dark cloud, with coverage outnumbering it far more, and videos on YouTube getting a more prominent spot on trending lists, drowning out the competition. In my opinion, this is a brilliant move by Microsoft, by using social media against Sony, instead of trying to buy their way to prominence.

Project Scorpio, which is expected to launch in November this year, will feature the fastest GPU ever launched with a console, and as Phil Spencer already said, the games they will show will showcase this amazing power. Since the launch of the eight generation of consoles, Microsoft has been on the back foot thanks to Sony controlling the narrative of how the PlayStation 4 is more powerful. Now, Microsoft is holding the trump card after the PlayStation 4 Pro failed to gain much traction with gamers.

With the event going live on Xbox One, YouTube and Twitch on June 11, everyone, and their dog, is excited to see what Microsoft will show. Greatness will finally arrive unless Microsoft finds a way to screw it up. But seeing how tight Microsoft events have been in recent years, I believe the Project Scorpio will blow our minds.
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