Feb 17, 2017
Today has been a rather interesting day for Xbox One. Not only did we get the Halo Wars 2 livestream, we also got new information about the future of gaming on Windows. This day started off with Phil Spencer answering a question on Twitter. He was asked whether more games like Fallout Shelter would come to Xbox One and Spencer replied that he believed the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative powered by their Universal Windows Platform would lead to more PC games coming to the console. That wasn't all though.

During the Halo Wars 2 live event, Spencer was interviewed by Larry Hryb. Spencer mentioned how the Xbox gaming division was handling all games for Windows 10 too. He added, "We're going to have games that only ship on PC, games that only ship on console." This is great to hear because it'll give gamers an incentive to adopt both systems and feel that they're getting something unique with each machine. Obviously many games will be Xbox Play Anywhere but certain titles do tend to be better suited for a particular platform. What do you think? Spencer ended his statement by saying that he's very confident about what the company will show at E3 this year.
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