Feb 16, 2017
According to Capcom, Resident Evil 7 broke even after selling 2.5 million units. The company answered many questions on their investor portal about the future of the franchise and much more.

Q. Has Resident Evil 7 recouped its development cost at this point?

A. Yes, it has recouped its development cost, and presently has shipped 2.5 million units. (3 million units as of February 10.)

Q. How is Resident Evil 7 biohazard (Resident Evil 7, below) performing?

A. As of January 27, it has shipped 2.5 million units. (*3 million units as of February 10.) Compared to Resident Evil 6 this may seem like a lower initial pace, however this can be attributed to the recent wider adoption of digital downloads and the transition from a sharp initial spike in sales for games to a continuous long tail. Further, we believe that achieving our fiscal-year target of 4 million units for this title is wholly possible, as we expect sales to continue for a longer period, buoyed on highly positive post-launch reviews from both the media and consumers.

Q. To what degree will Resident Evil 7’s additional downloadable content contribute to earnings?

A. Earnings contributions from Resident Evil 7 will come primarily from sales of the main game, with additional downloadable content playing a complementary role. We believe strategically releasing appealing additional downloadable content to stimulate continuous interest among game players will result in an extended lifecycle for the title, and will be important in exceeding the lifetime units sold by the previous installment over the course of the game's life.

Q. Do you have any plans to bring the Resident Evil series to PC Online games in China?

A. Presently, we are proceeding forward with a number of future projects in the Asian region; however, at this point in time we are unable to share any specifics, including brand names.

It's great that the game recouped its investment because believe it or not, that's a rarity in the gaming industry. I think Sony's Shuhei Yoshida recently came out and said that only four out of every ten games of theirs makes money. The actual gaming industry is lower than that from what I understand.

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