The second episode in Telltale's second Minecraft season begins right where the story left off, with the Admin's appearance at Beacontown. Episode Two: Giant Consequences takes the story in an unexpected direction with Jesse and his gang being forced to save the world from eternal darkness.
I recently previewed the Xbox One launch of Conan Exiles, an open world survival game based in the universe of fictional hero Conan the Barbarian. The character creation menu offers a Bethesda-esque approach with every detail of your character being open to edit.
The Imaginarium Studios, the premier performance capture studio for film, television and video games, in partnership with FoxNext Games, today confirmed Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this fall.
Agents of Mayhem needed more inspiration, more time in the oven, and a massive overhaul of its mechanical foundations before releasing.
Aug 17, 2017
Observer is one of the most unique and disturbing games I've ever played. The title is set in a cyberpunk setting where police officers have the ability to hack into a suspect's mind in order to ascertain the truth and reveal secrets.
Oh, Sir!! The Insult Simulator is one of the most bizarre games available on Xbox One. It doesn't feature grown women dressed up as kittens throwing rats in your face like in D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. It's not as random and nonsensical as, say, Goat Simulator. It's not as balls-to-the-wall as Saint's Row 4: Gat out of Hell, but Oh, Sir!! The Insult Simulator is as weird as they come.
Wonder Boy is one of the earliest franchises in video games, with the first title releasing in 1986. The game got regular sequels for years but Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap came out in 1989. The remaster not only improves performance and controls, but also allows you to instantly switch back to the old-school visuals with the press of a button.
The killer sacrifices the player to an otherworldly being known only as The Entity. The survivors aim to repair five generators scattered throughout the map in order to power the doors that stand between them and escape. Read our review for more.
Sonic Mania is a fantastic game and a return to form of the franchise. While the title may look quite old-school, it features many modern enhancements like a continuous world and smooth gameplay.
Sine Mora EX is hard, and I mean throw-your-controller-at-the-display hard. Sometimes it could even be considered unfair. But most of all, Sine Mora EX is utterly exhilarating.
I played through the first season of Telltale’s Batman and was eager to jump into the second. Left with a few unanswered questions, I wanted to see where they would take it while putting their own unique twist on the Batman mythos.
We finally got a video of Conan Exiles running on Xbox One. The developers showcased the game and said that it runs at 30 FPS on consoles. It's unclear if they'll increase the frame rate on Xbox One but it seems unlikely as most of the time multiplayer games are fixed across platforms.
Oceanhorn follows in the footsteps of other role-playing titles where a young boy, ironically, will have to save the world from the monster that has plagued the land for ages. Sound familiar? Well, it is but it's still great.
Tacoma is easily a game that has a surprising amount of depth from the mundanity of its characters' lives. On the surface it looks like a typical science fiction narrative adventure, and while it does hit those marks, it also offers a complex look at ordinary people and the insidious greed of capitalist corporations.
Spotify is definitely coming to Xbox One. Larry Hryb revealed a teaser of the application running in the Guide on his show. There's just no doubt anymore.