Oct 03, 2015
Publisher: Game Troopers
Developer: The Game Kitchen
Review platform: Windows 10
Release date: Sep 22, 2015
The Last Door is a great game with a riveting story filled with horror elements, beautiful mystery, and an amazing score. It's a simple adventure that can be completed in one sitting. The graphics are 8-bit in nature but they surprisingly fit the game perfectly. I came into The Last Door thinking that there was no way an 8-bit game was going to be terrifying. I couldn't have been more wrong. The developers use the environment, story, and music in such a way that it enhances the mystery.

Over the course of four hours, I took control of J. Devitt in this point and click story game and it takes no time acclimating the player to the story and hits the ground running. Your longtime friend Anthony Beechworth has hung himself and it's your job to find out why he has done so. The story is broken up over four chapters—The Letter, Memories, The Four Witnesses, and Ancient Shadows. Each of the chapters takes you to a new location with new rooms to explore and mysteries to solve. The story is fantastic and I'll leave it at that. Even telling you a little about it would ruin it. It's one of the best stories in a video game in my opinion.

The gameplay revolves around exploring and using items in particular places. You had to examine an item, pick it up, and then use it in the environment. That's the hallmark of the game and it does it well. You have to think about the puzzles instead of haphazardly clicking everywhere. That's what I really liked about it. Point and click adventures sometimes turn out to be clicking trial and error adventures. The Last Door manages that perfectly. While sometimes there are frustrating moments, just stepping back and thinking about it for a while leads to the solution.

The overall pacing of the game is great as you keep unveiling new elements of the story as you go along because you control how long it takes to complete each chapter. One minor complaint is the speed of the character. I wish there was an option to make him walk faster simply because there is quite a bit of back tracking and it can get a bit monotonous to discover a new area and then have to click all the way back to old areas to continue the story.

Suspense is one of the things The Last Door does really well. The way the music swells and pulls back as you read dialogue can lead to several intense moments and none of them feel cheap. This sensation definitely adds to the overall appeal of the game.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with The Last Door and I definitely recommend you pick it up from the Windows Store and give it a try. At only $2.99. For the amazing content is offers, it's a steal. The title has an amazing soundtrack, realized settings, and a compelling story. The Last Door is a must play game for point and click fans. Plus, it's a universal app so you can play it on Windows or your phone. You only need to buy it once.
Our score: 8/10

Great - An excellent piece of kit that offers value for money and adheres to high quality standards.
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