Jun 18, 2016
Xbox’s Head of First Party Publishing, Shannon Loftis, during an interview with Geoff Keighley, discussed the upcoming plans for the division, mainly focussing on their efforts to bring more titles to Xbox One and Windows 10. For the last few years, Microsoft has excelled with their first party efforts, bringing us titles such as Halo 5, and more than one Forza racing title. But for many, Microsoft needed more games from their own studios and Shannon shed some light on their future plans.

‘I head first party game publishing for Xbox One or Windows 10 or any of our platforms, we right now have, I think, 14 games in development. We talked about four of those this morning – Killer Instinct, Scalebound, State of Decay 2, and ReCore. We also have Crackdown 3, which we announced has now been moved into 2017, and there are a few other ones that aren’t quite ready to be talked about yet.’

As such, she stated that Microsoft and Xbox are currently working on 14 titles. Upcoming games like Scalebound, ReCore, State of Decay, and more content in the Killer Instinct franchise headline just some of them. Shannon reiterated that many of these games haven’t been announced as of yet because they aren’t ready to be talked about yet, or even shown off.

This year’s E3 was dominated by titles that Microsoft was releasing this year, with Head of Xbox Phil Spencer stating that he wants E3 to be about games that are launching the year it’s being shown. Gamescom is usually where unannounced titles are revealed. Last year, Microsoft announced games like Crackdown 3 at Gamescom.

With Gamescom coming later this year, it will be interesting to see if any of these games will be revealed.

Source: GamingBolt
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